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[S5E13] Your Mother And Mine

In the episode "Intruded," Jordan returns home from a night of dancing with Woody to find a man, armed with a knife, in her apartment. He demands that she take her clothes off, but makes no attempt to assault her. He instead rifles through her possessions and takes only one item, a locket that had belonged to her mother. Though Jordan refuses to tell anyone of this encounter, determined to solve it on her own, she does eventually open up to Howard Stiles, a psychiatrist who works with the morgue staff. Assessing that she has now reached the same age as her mother was when she was murdered, he says that she is trying to blame herself for what was essentially only a random event. She wants control, he remarks, of what is happening to her, and he points out the cut on her hand, which resulted from her attempt to fight back. This indicates, he explains, that she has a will to live. Woody also comforts her by returning her mother's locket, and the two of them share a hug.

[S5E13] Your Mother and Mine

Jordan also faces her past in the episode "Deja Past," where the 'spooky old house' from her childhood is the scene of an old woman's death. The woman had been the object of superstitions among the local kids, as she had been accused of killing her husband and secreting his body somewhere in the house. Determined to solve this ancient murder, Jordan uncovers a shocking secret: The couple had a mentally handicapped son who had lived in the attic. Coming downstairs one day to see his father striking his mother, he had killed his father and his mother had hidden this to protect her son. Jordan goes to the ward where the old man has been undergoing treatment for many years and gives him a picture of him and his mother.

In the sixteenth episode, "Someone to Watch Over Me," Jordan solves the murder of a man in her apartment building while looking after his thirteen-year-old daughter, Kayla. She allows the girl to stay at her house after developing a unique bond with her. As Jordan allows Kayla to stay with her, she even applies to be the girl's legal guardian. Her friends at the morgue are doubtful about her abilities as a mother, and their teasing upsets Jordan, who is determined to prove them wrong. She first asks Macy for a letter of recommendation, but he tells her that he would never allow it to happen, leading her to approach Woody instead. But then Kayla's biological mother reenters the picture, dashing Jordan's hopes. Woody later shows up with the letter and asks Jordan to read it regardless of its uselessness. She seems pleased with what he has written. 041b061a72


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