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Where Can You Buy Capacitors

I Re-flowed my GPU an NVIDIA GT330M which worked for about a month then died again. In my wise thinking i went to do it again without any of the ifixit instructions or a temp gun and got carried away a little. Now it looks like i'm missing 2 or 3 capacitors.

where can you buy capacitors

While I highly appreciate the can do attitude and spirit, and will do whatever necessary to revive something worthwhile, this is where even I will call it quits and toss it in a bin. Several other board component level refurbishing centers I've talked to have stopped taking these in altogether for the same reasons.

So I should buy a new GT330M off ebay. Then pay someone $100+ to put the new GPU on but im still missing those little capacitors and resistors. Unless the place i send it to has a whole stockpile of them.

can replace the gpu but you will also need to do the relevant capacitors. Just measure them when running before applying heat. then you know which. replace them and if need be and if you have a propper bga chip station and access to the gpu then replace it. make sure the one you are putting on is good of course. but no problems, bobs your uncle and off you go mate.

Elliott Electronic Supply is your source for all your capacitor needs. We carry, motor start capacitors, surface mount capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, snap mount capacitors, film capacitors, computer grade electronic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, silver mica capacitors and more. Buy capacitors in Sacramento, California.

We specialize in high voltage capacitors and resistors for tube radios / electronics. We sell high voltage film capacitors, high voltage electrolytic capacitors, silver mica capacitors and AC-rated line filter safety capacitors for tube electronics.We carry 630 volt & 1600 volt Orange Dips and 630 volt, 1000 volt & 6000 volt tubular axial film capacitors. Most of the film capacitors we carry are made by same manufacturer that makes capacitors for CDE (Cornell-Dubilier) / ic (Illinois Capacitors). Also for sale are Electrolytic capacitors with long axial or radial leads and high working voltages, ideal for tube radio repairs and restorations. We also carry 500V clamp mount single and dual-section Can electrolytic capacitors with solder lugs. Safety / Interference Suppression and 500V & 1000V dipped silver mica capacitors are also on sale. Our product line includes 630V, 1000V and 6000V tubular metalized polypropylene and metalized polyester film capacitors with axial leads;630 volt metal-foil polypropylene and metalized polyester orange dips; 630V polystyrene; 1600 volt metalized polypropylene orange dips; 500V & 1000V silver mica capacitors; 400 volt & 630 volt Mylar capacitors; 1600 volt ceramic disc capacitors; ceramic disc X1/Y2 AC rated safety capacitors, metalized polypropylene X2 (across-the-line) and metalized polyester Y2 (line-to ground) safety & interference suppression capacitors and radial, axial and can type electrolytic capacitors and capacitor clamps. Trimmers, tantalums and sals capacitors are not stocked.For our customers that work on "high-end" audio we carry 400V and 630V "jb JFX Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors". These are for use in high-end audio/speaker/amplifier applications.JustRadios Capacitor Product Linehas been specifically chosen for vintage tube radio / electronics applications. We carry "hard to find" pre WWII MFD/uF capacitor sizes so you can restore your radios to original factory specs.For your "precision test equipment and audio circuits" we carry 1% & 2% precision silver mica, 1% polystyrene and now 1% precision & 2% precision metallized polypropylene capacitors up to 2uF. For "audiophile" applications we now carry made in the USA Audience Auricap & Auricap XO Audiophile capacitors for speaker crossover, signal coupling, filtering and other audiophile applications. We also sell Capacitor Kits and Resistor Kitsfor tube electronics/radios. If you are new to antique tube radio restorations, here are some practicalCapacitor Tips for the Beginner.

  • Constructed with metallized Polypropylene film as dielectric/electrode with long copper-clad steel leads and outer wrapping of polyester end sealed with epoxy resin. Non-inductively wound. MFD/uF sizes available and $ Price List. Rated Voltage 630 Volts & 1000 Volts

  • Wrapped & Filled, Tubular. Axial

  • Available in "hard to find" tube radio mfd/uF sizes such as 0.002uF, 0.005uF, etc.

  • Excellent for use in tube radios, amps and hi-fi audio equipment where low dissipation / high insulation resistance and excellent long-term stability are desirable.

  • Capacitance tolerance of +/- 10%. Precision 2% available for select sizes.

  • Superior replacement for paper/wax capacitors in tube electronics.

Made by ISO 9001 & 14000 certified manufacturer with all capacitors RoHS approved. Capacitor specifications / More info630V & 1000V Metalized Polyester Film

  • Constructed with Metalized Polyester film dielectric, copper-ply wire leads, outer wrapped with polyester film tape and ends sealed with epoxy resin, in non-inductive type. MFD/uF sizes available and $ Price List.Rated Voltage 630 Volts & 1000 Volts

  • Wrapped and Filled, Tubular Axial

  • Self-healing property

  • Available in "hard to find" pre WWII sizes such as 0.02 MFD, 0.03 MFD, 0.04 MFD, 0.05 MFD, etc.

  • Excellent for use in tube radios, amps, hi-fi, etc, where a premium quality capacitor with high stability and reliability are required. Also ideal for telecommunications, industrial and general electronics equipment.

Made by ISO 9001 & 14000 certified manufacturer / OEM supplier with major customers: CDE (Cornell-Dubilier) / ic (Illinois Capacitors), Sony, National, Canon, APC, LG, LEO, Bosch, B&D, Askey and HP. Capacitor specifications / More info1600V Metallized Polypropylene Film

  • Non-inductive construction with Metalized Polypropylene film as dielectric, copper-clad steel leads, outer wrapped with polyester and ends sealed with epoxy resin. MFD/uF sizes available and $ Price List.Rated Voltage 1600 Volts

  • Wrapped and Filled, Tubular/Oval Axial

  • Long life due to self-healing construction.

  • Available in "hard to find" pre WWII sizes such as 0.002uF, 0.005uF, 0.02uF, 0.05uF, 0.5uF, etc. The 0.5uF 1600V is often needed for scope restorations.

  • Excellent for use in tube based radios, amps, televisions, HiFi and test equipment where a premium quality capacitor with high stability and reliability are required. Also ideal for telecommunications, industrial and general electronics equipment.

Made by ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, TS16949, Greatwall, CCC, CE, MIC, SA, UL, FCC, TUV, SGS certified professional manufacturer. 6000V & 15000V Metalized Polyester Film

  • Constructed with non-inductive wound metalized polyester film with flame retardant tape wrap case and epoxy fill. Extra long axial leads. MFD/uF sizes available and $ Price List.Rated Voltage 6000 Volts & 15000 Volts

  • Self-healing property, very high insulation resistance and lowest dissipation factor.

  • Available sizes: 0.00047uF (470pF) at 15000 Volts and 0.001uF, 0.0022uF, 0.0033uF and 0.0047uF all at 6000 Volts.

  • Applications include: HV filter, sweep circuits, vertical & horizontal coupling, timing, CRT & integrated circuitry and electrostatic deflection circuits.

  • Used in television, telecommunication, scientific and test equipment where extra high voltage, self healing property and long stable capacitor life are required.

Made in USA by ISO 9001 & 2000 certified manufacturer ASC Capacitors. Capacitor specifications / More info630V Metal-Foil Polypropylene Film

Auricap .... considered by many Audiophiles as "the best capacitor money can buy". Construction: Auricaps are made in the United States with the very best precision wound metalized polypropylene film with extended foil (non-inductive) construction. Special care is taken to insure industry leading ESR values.Applications: High end Audiophile uses include: signal coupling, loudspeaker crossover apps, power supply filtering & decoupling, filtering, bypassing and power factor correction. If you are restoring antique tube radios ... you need not use these audiophile capacitors. Our other lines of film capacitors are perfect for vintage tube radios and are much more economical than audiophile capacitors.Specs: Auricap SpecificationsAuricap Prices & Shopping Cart

In addition to the traditional Auricap audiophile capacitor (pictured at left) and its successor the Auricap XO, we have in stock the unique R version which has solid tinned copper leads that exit from the "periphery" of the Auricap body (see picture above). Leads: Auricap and Auricap XO use "stranded" hook-up leads. Auricap leads are made of polished, stranded High Purity Oxygen Free Copper with XLPE insulation. The Auricap XO uses insulated OHNO mono crystal leads. The R version has "solid" tinned copper leads. Although some fellows refer to the R version as radial, they are actually tubular axial (body is same as Auricap) but with solid leads and unique lead location which makes the R version ideal for circuit board and/or hand wired applications. We provide free red and black heat-shrink with the unique R version Auricap capacitors. 500 Volt and 1000 Volt Dipped Silver Mica Capacitors

  • Manufactured from selected Indian ruby muscovite having optimum electrical characteristics. Copper-clad steel leads finished with a solder coating for excellent solderability. Epoxy dipped for superior heat, moisture, vibration and solvent resistance. Most pF sizes at 500 Volts and 1000 Volts.

  • For use where high reliability and capacitance stability are required, such as in tuning/oscillator circuits, DC voltage blocking, high frequency, logic and transmission circuits and filters.

  • Long 35mm radial leads for easy under chassis installation.

  • Capacitance tolerance of +/- 5% for 500V and 1000V.

  • Precision tolerance of 2% and 1% now available for most 500V mica

  • .Wide operating temperature range: -55 to +150C at full rated voltage.

  • Available in large selection of pF(MMFD) sizes from 1 pF to 5000 pF, including "hard to find pre-WWII mmfd sizes for tube electronics restorations.

Meets specifications of MIL-C-5 and RS-153 and ISO 9002 certified. Capacitor specifications / More info400V & 630V MYLAR Polyester Film Capacitors 041b061a72


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