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Songs for a Hero Is an OLD-SCHOOL SUNG-THROUGH VIDEOGAME STRAVAGANZA! Join an unlikely hero as he sings his way through a strange world full of floating platforms, bright and colorful enemies, and many other inexplicable phenomena in an adventure unlike anything you have ever heard! This humorous old-school platformer features a fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to your every input, meaning that the hero will always sing and crack jokes about whatever is happening to him, whenever it happens.

The end of the world just started and everyone is gone. The machines took over and your only goal is to look for your missing sister in a synthwave atmosphere. Follow the path of Asta as she searches for her lost sister through the streets of Modigard, a city on the brink of the end of the world. Fight and find your way into the danger with your shield in this vibrant pixel art world. Bright pixel art with glowing assets and a futuristic city destroyed by an apocalypse. 2D pixel art platformer with gorgeous animation and carefully crafted reflexive and defensive gameplay to be learned and mastered; A soundtrack that mixes classic music and eighties electronic to craft a modern myth.

Hyrule Castle is to the north of your current position, but before you can reach it, you’ll have to deal with a Business Scrub which is spitting nuts out at passersby. Since your yourself are a passerby, you’ll need to find a way to get around it without getting hurt. Your newfound shield is just the thing; stand in front of the Scrub and use your shield to reflect the nut back at the Scrub, which will clear the path for you to proceed. If you then head into Hyrule Castle and drop off the sword with the minister, you’ll be invited to attend the award ceremony for the yearly swordplay competition, which you were regretfully not invited to participate in. You’ll show them,’ll show them all....

After the boss is dead, you’ll obtain both the Earth Element and a full Heart Container, which should bring your total up to five. Bring your new Element back to the Elder of the Picori Village, who will tell you to meet a man named Melari at Mount Crenel.

In a complete coincidence, there happens to be a green seed nearby. While you’re still minaturized, find the small path leading to the seed, pick it up (you can do so even though it’s ten times as big as you), then bring it back to the overworld map and drop it into the hold in the ground near the cliff wall. Before restoring yourself to full size, though, climb the miniature vine off to the right of this area and maneuver through the small dungeon within to find a blue Kinstone.

So, when you’ve successfully managed to flip over Gleerok’s shell, he’ll lay his head down on the ground, allowing you to walk along his neck and slash at the small exposed crystal on his back with your sword. You should be able to get six or seven shots in at a time, assuming you’re quick to reach the crystal. After he shrugs off the stunning effect, though, Gleerok will withdraw into the lava, causing it to expand while rocks drop from the ceiling. The rocks and lava are easily avoided, though; just stand in a corner of the room and watch for the shadows of the rocks, sidestepping them when one’s about to land on your head.

After you have both of those, you can enter Hyrule Castle and attempt to track down the Elemental Sanctuary. It’s not difficult to find, surprisingly enough; the previously blocked doors are now open, and lead into the basement, where you can find a seemingly subterranean courtyard with a glowing door. Head inside to reach the Elemental Sanctuary. All you can do here is jam your sword into the central pedestal, but the rewards are significant: Link will gain the ability to split himself in two when he sees glowing panels on the floor; all you need to do to activate this ability is to hold down your sword button until you’re fully charged, then step on two of the panels. A second, shadow Link will appear. By doing so, you’ll be able to flip two switches simultaneously, as you’ll need to do to escape from the Sanctuary.

Room 16 has one distinctive characteristic: there aren’t any lights. You’ll only be able to see one square in any direction, so carefully hug the northern wall until you reach the exit to 17. The steps here will lead to 18, where you’ll have to fight off three beetles in order to pass. Do so, then walk through room 19 back to room seven. If you split Link in two here, you’ll be able to push the large lever, which will open half of the sunroof above the Water Element. This won’t melt the ice there quite yet, but it will melt the door in the southeastern corner of the room, giving you access to room 20, which connects up with room 19 again. This will let you pass through to room 21, where you’ll have to maneuver through a long ice platform to reach the southern end. Room 22 will connect back up with room 20, so head that way and take the stairs leading down. 350c69d7ab


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