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Woman Power: Transform Your Man, Your Marriage,... 2021

Unmarried folks can learn from PCFH and WOMAN POWER that in a marriage, it is important to ask what you can do for your beloved, not nag them into doing for you. I usually hear the problems during the dating and engagement timeI have told men who've called my show that if they're dating a woman who will not read PCFH (and now WP) that they shouldn't marry them - they have due warning that the marriage will be all about her. (By the way, I have always told women that if their man will not swim through shark infested waters to bring her a lemonade - she shouldn't marry him either).

Woman Power: Transform Your Man, Your Marriage,...

As you pray for your spouse and yourself, ask God to help you see your spouse through His eyes and to help you fix the things you need to become more like Jesus. Let God transform you, while trusting Him to do the same for your spouse (Romans 12:9-12).

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Does friendship describe your marriage? If it does not, it can yet describe your marriage. No situation is too hopeless for the Covenant Keeping God, for nothing is impossible for Him (Luke 1:37, cp Ge 18:14, Jer 32:17, 27). If you can't answer affirmatively, then let me encourage you to humbly, prayerfully allow your Teacher, the Holy Spirit (1Cor 2:11-13), to take these truths about the covenant of marriage (including friendship) and use them to transform you into the image of Jesus (2Cor 3:18-note) and renew your mind (Eph 4:23-note, cp Ro 12:2-note) regarding the value of your spouse as your best friend. After 45 years in the covenant of marriage, I can honestly say that my wife is still my best friend.

I would also propose that even the wedding pictures (which most couples save to look at or to show their children years later) serve as a memorial and pictorial witness of that glorious, wonderful day when a man and a woman who were so in love with each other mysteriously became one flesh. Humans are a forgetful lot, and this seems to be especially true when it comes to marriage vows. It is good to be reminded of the solemn nature of the covenant that we entered into when we said "I do." Life "happens" and couples tend to drift apart, and thus are in need of frequent reminders. When was the last time you looked at your wedding pictures with your spouse or children? Perhaps you kept a copy of the marriage vows you made to your spouse and the words of those vows which you spoke serve as a reminder and witness to that special day. If so, it would be wonderful to periodically read them to each other as a reminder (memorial) of the solemn nature of the covenant into which you entered. If you don't have a copy of your wedding vows, let me suggest you go the link Sample Marriage Vows and read through several of these vows together as a couple, asking God's Spirit to stir up the memories of your blessed wedding day. Unattended fires tend to grow cold and go out, but are kept burning by stoking the embers.

My sister is in this exact type of situation. When a godly woman cries out to the Lord, and flexes all her spiritual muscle, is attentive to her own walk with God and this is the only area of her life that is not absolutely flourishing and blessed, I have a hard time believing that she is waiting on the Lord. She has begun thinking that maybe she's just waiting to hear what she wants to hear (that her marriage will be reconciled - to which end her husband is not open) and maybe God has other plans for her. It hurts to see her in such pain and it's hard to believe that God's plan is always reconciliation, even though I know that is His will. It takes two hearts and I think telling a woman that if she does this that and the other thing, God will change his heart, too. Those are false expectations. What is your advice to a woman who lives with and tries to love a man who just will not recognize God, will not seek His wisdom and will not invite Him into the marriage? I assure you, the advice you've given describes my sister perfectly. Such a strong, loving, selfless follower of Jesus.

Kentucky statute 403.230 states that a wife may, upon the dissolution of her marriage, request to restore her former or maiden name. However, this is only possible if both the wife and husband are without children. Therefore, if you are a woman who is filing a divorce action, and you have no children with your current husband, you can request for the court to restore your former name. 041b061a72


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