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Buy Brompton Bike Online

Brompton bikes are some of the most popular bikes on the market, featuring virtually unparalleled build quality, a smooth ride and advanced tech. Unfortunately, all of that comes with a high cost: Bromptons are expensive.

buy brompton bike online

You are, of course, much more likely to secure a discount on older models, especially just after a new Brompton bike has been released. Like all companies, Brompton phases out older models, lowering the price as it does so.

The best place to buy a cheap Brompton bike is from Brompton itself using one of the above methods and looking either for a live discount code or a discounted older model. Alternatively, buying through a third-party showroom can also be successful.

Compact, lightweight and foldable, Brompton bikes are perfect companions for city riding. Whether it's exploring somewhere new or beating the bus or tube on the commute, Brompton folding bikes can be taken pretty much anywhere, whether it's to the office, a restaurant or friend's house (making them harder to steal!)

Despite the unconventional frame size and lightweight build, Brompton bikes give you a surprisingly comfortable riding position. Thanks to the different handlebar options and adjustable saddle, you'll get a ride that's much closer to a conventional bike, rather than a folding bike.

Folding bikes may have a reputation for being tricky to fold and unfold on the go, but this isn't the case with Brompton folding bikes. Featuring simple hinge clamps and a rear frame clip. Folding takes typically less than 30 seconds, meaning you can transition from carrying to cycling quickly and efficiently.

In his cycling career Simon has mostly focused on time trialling with a national medal, a few open wins and his club's 30-mile record in his palmares. These days he spends a bit more time testing road bikes, or on a tandem doing the school run with his younger son.

What's in the stable? There's a Colnago Master Olympic, a Hotta TT700, an ex-Castorama lo-pro that was ridden in the 1993 Tour de France, a Pinarello Montello, an Independent Fabrication Club Racer, a Mercian Classic fixed winter bike and a renovated Roberts with a modern Campag groupset. 041b061a72


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