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Download Patches Line 6 Pod Xt Live !!TOP!!

Step 1: First, you will need to know where your tones reside on your computer. In this example, the path/location will be: C:\Documents and Settings\(User Account Name)\My Documents\Line 6\Tones\Line 6 Edit\Downloaded Tones. Keep in mind that "Downloaded Tones" is an arbitrarily created folder to organize the downloaded patches.

Download Patches Line 6 Pod Xt Live

Download Zip:

I've just got a Pod XT Live, and I'm loving the sounds I can get. I want to download a set of patches from a guitarist I like. The file is a .l6t. How do I get the file onto my unit via Line 6 Monkey?

:) I didn't notice the ppt on the download area and was able to replicate (I hope) some of the patches you are using to my gt-8. I'll be sharing the settings once I completed all of the modification on the patches.Cheers!

blessings Kenny, This Ron I downloades your patches is there one yu used for thr second delay example on shout to the Lord you posted.I tried it with the team its awsome but I dont quiet have the right delay as yu.Im playing it this week end..thanx for how yu help

Though Line 6 began with a modeling guitar amp, their breakthrough product line was arguably the POD guitar processor line and its later variants,[3] but this modeling technology has been the foundation for most of Line 6's products, from guitar amps to software and computer audio interfaces. Line 6 has an active user community, and provides software that allows users to easily download and share patches or device settings for many of Line 6's products.


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