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Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell

Roxy Rider

Backcountry riders should never leave home without an avalanche transceiver. These nifty little electronic devices are worn on the body and have the ability to send a radio signal that alerts search and rescue in the event of an avalanche.

roxy rider


In the 101st running of the Saratoga Special, Chace City had much better luck, especially after the speedball Teuflesberg stumbled badly at the start. Away smartly under new rider Edgar Prado, Chace City dueled for the lead through quick splits (:22.1, :45.2) with 18-1 Actin, put him away turning for home, opened up in mid-stretch, then easily held King of the Roxy safe in the final yards. 041b061a72


Affirming the reliability of scripture through historical ev...
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