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Buy Opal Online [REPACK]

We offer buyers exact category descriptions by opal so it iseasy to search for a specific opal, opal type or even seller country. Also,buyers can search by sellers in certain country, as we have over 140 approved opal sellers from all parts of the world.

buy opal online

The Opal Sheriff program is managed by a panel of gemmologistsso our sellers are updated with all latest developments in the opal industry. We do not allow opals from Indonesia or Ethiopia to be called black opal, unless an approved gemmological laboratory issue certification. Gemstone testing laboratories also have to be approved by our Opal sheriff program.

Many Ethiopian opals are smoked or treated and our sellerswill supply accurate descriptions so that buyers can have confidence ourdescriptions are accurate to the highest standard. Black Opals are fromLightning Ridge and our sellers must have accurate description in regards to Body Tone as only body tone N1 to N4 is considered black Opal. A opal with N5 to N6 is considered semi black or dark opal.

Many buyers do ask is opal an investment? Founder Wayne Sedawie has seen red fire on black opals from lightning ridge increase by over 20% per year in last 30 years. Today black opals are getting harder to find and no reason why they will not keep increasing as demand is so high for raregems and opals.

New buyers can enjoy $10 Discount voucher on their first order for opal jewlery from opal rings, pendants, earrings or opal stones. Many repeat opal buyers resell in their country so most sellers offer reward program for long term repeat business who are offered discounts .

To help you navigate the seemingly endless number of websites selling opals and opal jewellery, we've created a short guide to buying Australia's national gemstone online that offers some great tips and advice.

Our website features gold, silver and gold-plated silver jewellery settings and all types of opals, from solid black Lightning Ridge stones to beautiful crystal pieces from Coober Pedy, as well as affordable doublet and triplet opals.

Again, only shop with a reputable business and be aware of exactly what you are buying. Please note, doublet and triplet opals do not fall into this category as they contain real opal and are an affordable and acceptable alternative to natural black opal.

There are many opal types that we could discuss, but one of the most important checkers you should make as an online buyer, is that you view a realistic representation of what you will ultimately receive.

Do not get swayed by the talk of black opals being superior to white opals. There are some that are, but it is not uncommon to come across a white opal, which may exhibit a brightness and play of colour that is mesmerising and far more impressive than the majority of black opals.

You may want to consider the opal mining practices involved in procuring the opal you seek. At Opal Minded, we take ethical mining and sustainable practices seriously. Since we were established in 1989, we have demonstrated the highest mining and excavating opals standards. Read more about our ethical and sustainable practices here.We are also proudly the only opal boutique in Australia with our own mine. Our Queensland mine Jundah-Opalville is where we commonly unearth our exquisite black boulder, crystal and bright black pipe opals.

We also offer private in-person or online appointments with our Creative Director Renata Bernard. Renata is a qualified opal jewellery designer and can talk you through the collection and make suggestions based on your preferred taste and style. If you have a vision for how you would like your opal to be set, we can offer a bespoke service that will help turn your opal dream into a reality. Check out this service in more detail here.

We recommend combining your instinct with some basic opal knowledge to arrive at your final decision. It pays to know why some opals are valued as highly as they are. Their rarity, quality, durability, and origin all influence the final price.

Depending on which card you need, there are a number of ways to get an Opal card. Adult and Child/Youth Opal cards are available over the counter from Opal retailers, including convenience stores and newsagents, while concession cards must be applied for online.

There is no charge for an Opal card, however a minimum top up value of $20 for an adult card, or $10 for a child or concession card, applies at retailers or when using top up machines. Top up amounts of $10 for adult and $5 for child or concession are available when topping up online.

Before applying for your Concession Opal card, you need to have successfully applied for a Transport Concession Entitlement Card, as you must have both cards to travel.Find out more, including how to apply online.

Since opal gemstone is aligned with the planet of creativity and innovations, Venus, it is considered highly beneficial for those people who are looking out for a career in the same industry. Natural opal is also helpful to individuals who are facing a lack of inspiration, creative blocks, and insecurities in their personal or professional life. Besides spacing out the creative energies to gain better outputs, wearing a white opal also gives an extra push to the artistic expression of the wearer.

The royal planet Venus represents luxuries and worldly longings and being the associated gemstone, opal is best known for improving the social and financial status of an individual. Opal is linked with Sahasrara Chakra that connects a person with prosperity and universal awareness. Astrologers strongly believe in an Opal rattan not only for elevating the financial conditions but also for maintaining the luxurious lifestyle and social status of the native.

In medical syntax, white opal is considered highly valuable on the account of its metaphysical properties. Best known for curing eye, liver, kidney, stomach, and hormonal disorders, Opal is beneficial in healing urinary, endocrine, and intestine problems and endows an excellent immune system.

Being one of the best healers, black and fire opal helps its wearers to overcome emotional setbacks or sufferings caused by past relationships. It also benefits Insomnia and assists to resolve psychological issues and get a peaceful sleep.

Yes, there is a major difference between the two in terms of quality. Australian Opals come in a rich bright hue with colorful fire flashes that remain forever. In contrast, the firebase in Ethiopian opals is slightly unstable and comparatively less intense.

As Ethiopian Opals are hydrophane in nature, they absorb moisture and lose their fire quickly during humid periods. Therefore, it is always suggested to buy the best quality Australian opals to maintain the charm and ensure the maximum astrological benefits.

In general, Opals are being categorized on the basis of the intensity and extent of fire they hold. A double-sided opal has a strong fire extending throughout its surface and is visible from both the side and all angles. An opal with fire exhibits more prominent play-of-colors on the upper surface and less on the inner surface.

Yes, Opal is the gemstone for the planet Venus and according to the astrologers, the color & intensity of the fire affect the metaphysical attributes of an opal gemstone. The color of fire shows dominance in the flashes and is more likely to deliver benefits of the associated planet.

For instance, a prominent red color represents more fire, and the aligned opal harnesses the energies of the sun whereas a dominant blue flash provides the positive energies of the planet Saturn. Although, opals that hold a complete spectrum of colors in the fire are considered the best from the astrological perspective.

It will literally take eons to state all the principal benefits that come with embracing an exalted quality opal stone. However, we still will state the key benefits that most people experience after wearing this alluring gemstone.

The worth of an opal stone strongly depends on prime factors like carat weight, cut, color, clarity, and origin of the stone. If we consider India only, on average, opal stone price in Indian beings $30-40 per carat and goes as high as $2000-3000 per carat. With the increase in color and carat weight, the price of the original opal stone increases significantly.

One of the most seamless ways to find whether your opal gemstone is real or fake is to check its material. An opal stone is not real if it is made up of resin, plastic, or glass. An unrivaled quality opal stone has a color uniformly distributed over the entire stone and it's one of the indicators of authenticity.

As we all know that Planet Venus is associated with the Zodiac Libra, people with the Zodiac sign Libran can benefit greatly physically and in the domain of love. After wearing the opal stone, people with the Libra Zodiac sign can witness an upsurge in their confidence to express love and compassion freely!

In order to derive the maximum benefit out of opal stone, one should wear it regularly and energize the stone before embracing it. People with Cancer Zodiac can benefit greatly from Opal stone as it helps in treating depression, despair, and agony. In addition to that, this revered and alluring gemstone is also known to boost creativity and rectify sleep-related disorders.

People of the Capricorn Zodiac sign can also wear opal gemstones and elicit most of the benefits this stone has to offer. However, this stone is only worn when Venus is sitting at an auspicious place in the horoscope. It can improve your social status and bring due recognition. People of the Capricorn Zodiac sign who are in the fields of import and export, and travel must wear the opal stone to witness unprecedented growth.

At Navratan, the online gem Bazar, we offer true beauty with purity altogether. We are specialized in crafting and delivering the finest and natural gemstones online. Our roots in this line of business go back four generations and we continue the same quality of excellence & trust by today. 041b061a72


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