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Might And Magic Heroes VII ((BETTER))

The guide to Might & Magic: Heroes VII offers all the information required for enjoying the newest game developed by Limbic Entertainment and for completing the main storyline in 100%. The guide has been divided into two large parts. The first one - strategy guide - contains information related to general rules and such aspects of the game as interface, gathering resources, waging battles, traveling through the game map and general rules of developing cities. In the guide you will also find all ability trees and magic schools, including lists of skills and spells, supplemented with a commentary about their usefulness. The factions available in the game - Haven, Necropolis, Academy, Stronghold, Dungeon and Sylvan - have a part of the guide focusing on them as well. All buildings, heroes, specialists and units available for each of them have been described. Second part of the guide consists of walkthrough for all campaigns available in the game. Each campaign mission description contains a specially prepared map with most important locations marked on it and walkthrough for all main and side quests available during it. Might & Magic: Heroes VII is the next installment in the very popular series of fantasy turn based strategy games. The game tells a story of a war for the throne of the Empire. The game campaign focuses on the character of a young prince named Ivan. The game was developed by Limbic Entertainment studio, responsible for creating the previous parts of the series.

Might and Magic Heroes VII

The Might & Magic Heroes franchise or Heroes of Might & Magic as it was previously known, is a unique blend of Turn-based Strategy with Role Playing elements and City Building elements set in the High Fantasy universe of Ashan. The gameplay formula is rather addictive, but it does require quite a bit of explaining to fully understand its nuances. This is why it seemed rather odd to me that the game does not include any Tutorial, which might serve as a barrier to the entry of newcomers to the franchise.

Might & Magic Heroes VII has a large amount of content that should keep you busy for days. There are six main campaigns and a finale with a total of 27 scenarios between them. While some campaigns have individual heroes for each scenario, others follow the story of a particular hero. Besides these, there are custom scenarios and skirmish maps to add to the amount of content available. The game also comes with an editor and modding tools to let the community create its own content. While a minimum playtime of 60hrs is claimed, it will surely be a lot more, especially when one would prefer to play all combats manually. 041b061a72


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