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Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell

Postal III PC Download !FULL! Free Torrent

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Postal III PC Download Free Torrent

Postal 2: Eternal Damnation is a total conversion of Postal 2 by Resurrection Studios, released as a free download in 2005 and in the Postal Fudge Pack a year later. The plot concerns a man called John Murray, who is in a mental asylum after having killed a man who tried to hurt his girlfriend. Murray is also seen in Postal 2: Paradise Lost as an Easter egg.

Hey guys, got a problem now with trying to download any game from this site. For the past 2 days every time I click on the download link I get a full screen freeze with a big red Ad Blocker detected notification in the middle. I have disabled my ad blocker / refreshed and to no avail. It keeps coming back like a bad rash. I have even gone so far as to uninstall my ad blocker and went through the registry to remove all traces, yet again to no avail. With no ad blocker I am hit with an unbelievable amount of full screen porn chats / po/rn/dating sites and po/rn/games every time I click on something other than the download link. I have tried the 4 browsers I use: Firefox / Edge Chromium / Pale Moon and Chrome, all have the same issue. With the exception of Pale Moon which uses AdBlock Latitude, all others use AdGuard. So could you please check into this as I love this site and what you do. Thanks so much.

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