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The singer revealed that she first stumbled upon the expression "lavender haze" when watching season 2, episode 12 of period drama series Mad Men.[8][9] She then became intrigued by its meaning and found out about its origin in the 1950s. The singer subsequently saw parallels between the expression and her relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn. Swift explained that the song was specifically inspired by her relationship with Alwyn.[10] To Swift, the title signified an "all-encompassing love glow".[11] After revealing the song title as part of her TikTok series "Midnights Mayhem" on October 7, 2022,[12] she went into further detail explaining the lyrics on her social media:


In the psychedelic video,[59][60] Swift rises from her bed, where her lover, portrayed by Laith Ashley, lies asleep. A lavender-hued mist appears from underneath the bed and engulfs the room. The video cuts to Swift on a couch watching a weather channel on television, wearing a purple fur coat. She crawls towards the television through patches of lavender flowers and parts the screen like curtains, revealing koi fish swimming through an outer space featuring stars and bright purple clouds. In the next scene, Swift lies seemingly disrobed in a purple-hued pool. The video intercuts between Swift in the pool and in the lavender before cutting to her at a party with her lover, where they are dancing, engulfed in the lavender mist. The video ends with Swift back in her bedroom. The walls suddenly fall down, revealing the house to be afloat in space, and then leaving her on a cloud surrounded by the floating koi fish.[61]

Swift has a longstanding relationship with Target and is releasing a separate bonus edition of the album, which has been dubbed the Lavender Edition, to purchase there. As mentioned above, this edition includes three bonus tracks, two of which are remixes. The tracks are not going to be on the other editions of the album. 041b061a72


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