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Should a Spy perform a melee attack that connects with an enemy while he is behind said enemy, a backstab occurs. Backstabs deal damage equal to 200% of the target's current health and are always critical hits, resulting in a total damage of six times the victim's current health; while the critical damage can be negated, this does not stop the stab from being lethal unless the target has significant additional protection.


A backstab triggers as long as the Spy is anywhere within a 180 angle behind the enemy, utilizing the enemy's current aiming direction as straight forwards. To indicate that a Spy is within the required range and angle to perform a backstab, he raises his knife and turns it downward, primed for a kill. The knife remains in this position until the target is no longer in reach, which is 40 Hammer units to the target's back, or the Spy attempts a backstab by attacking. The knife turns downward even if positioned behind a cloaked or disguised enemy Spy. As the Spy's melee weapons do not have a delay between the swing being initiated and the damage being dealt, as long as the knife is pointed downward, the Spy simply needs to attack for an instant kill to occur.

Like normal melee attacks, backstabs can be performed while disguised, though the Spy proceeds to lose his disguise whether the attack connects or not. Backstabs are nothing more than pure damage, and so cannot injure or kill invulnerable players. Buildings and Halloween bosses cannot be backstabbed.

Robots in Mann vs. Machine can be backstabbed just as normal players. In addition to this, if a robot is sapped, it can be backstabbed from any direction, not just from behind. However, giant robots operate much differently. Backstabbing a giant has a base damage of 750, but this is reduced to 25% of that (188) by default; each armor penetration upgrade restores 25% of the base damage, up to 125% of the base (938). Spies must therefore upgrade their knife in order to have a chance at taking out giant robots.

A backstab is a special, situational attack for the Agent. When an Agent uses a melee weapon (such as the Knife) from behind, it will perform a backstab, damaging the enemy from 40 damage up to 200% of their max health.

Backstabs are available to be scored when facing an enemy's back at an angle of 180 or less. If the angle is less than or equal to 135 or the Agent is above their target, a full backstab is scored and the enemy will take 200% of their max health as damage. Upon backstabbing an enemy, they will release a loud cry, and, 50% percent of the time, they will play a unique death animation depending on their class.

If a backstab's angle is above 135, but below 180, a sidestab will be performed. Sidestabs deal from 99% of the enemy's max HP to 40 damage depending on the angle. The knife will also be raised at various heights to represent how much damage will be dealt upon stabbing.

The word backstab has been thrown around a lot in high school or work. We always use it to refer to the action of criticizing someone when they are not there but pretending to be nice when they are present.

Was this article helpful in teaching you the definition and examples of the verb backstab? I hope it was! Remember that backstab is one word without a hyphen that means to betray through a verbal attack when someone is not present.

Backstabbing is the act of attacking (someone) unfairly, especially in an underhanded, deceitful manner.[1] In StarCraft, to backstab (or to bs) usually means to turn against and attack an ally.

There are multiple different typical reasons and situations which lead somebody to backstab. They include situations with no provocation [1] or ones that are seemingly "legit" or justified. However, whatever the excuse, backstabbing is looked upon as cowardly and dishonorable.

Sometimes, backstabbing is utilized to "punish" players or silence them for a wrongdoing the victim may have been responsible for. Basically, backstabbing has become a way to quasi-physically "beat" somebody; in efforts to vent anger and frustration or to damage one's morale, ideals, or credibility.

Backstabbing often comes suddenly and are mostly unseen until the last minute. Advanced players tend to integrate backstabbing scenario responses as well as anti-backstabbing techniques into their strategies. Common scenarios include:

In NetHack, backstab refers to the extra damage done by Rogues on fleeing monsters; attacks doing backstab damage are sometimes called sneak attacks. It is calculated as 1dxplevel.[1] Only melee attacks count toward backstab damage.

A basic means of utilizing backstabs is to inscribe Elbereth with a monster next to you, then step off to attack the monster as it turns to flee. This can be repeated ad infinitum, with the only limitation being your patience, but is probably not worth your time against monsters that you can kill easily. Musical instruments, mirrors, and all the other methods of scaring can be used to set up easy backstabs.

Backstab is one of the few damage bonuses that are affected by double damage, so it can be very powerful with an appropriate artifact weapon. While it's impossible to backstab while twoweaponing, with high enough Dexterity switching between one and two weapons is a free action.

In NetHack 3.4.3 and variants based on it, any weapon's damage against a fleeing monster while not wielding two weapons would qualify for the backstab bonus, including thrown objects such as daggers. This was changed in 3.6.0, with the combined bonuses of multiple flying daggers being seen as too powerful.[2]

In dNetHack, in addition to Rogues, backstab dice are available to Drow Anachrononauts, Convicts wielding a spoon, any character with Andromalius bound, and lightsaber-wielders using the Juyo form. Backstab dice apply when the target is fleeing, trapped, unmoving, sleeping, stunned, confused, or blinded. With the Lifehunt Scythe, players can also backstab if the monster doesn't know their location.

In xNetHack, backstab damage is limited by weapon skill; it can't go above d2/d4/d10/d20/d30 for Restricted/Unskilled/Basic/Skilled/Expert. Backstab damage applies when the monster is fleeing, trapped, frozen, unmoving, sleeping, stunned, confused, or blinded.

This War of Mine has a fairly basic combat system. Interactive combat only occurs while scavenging and the player only needs to control one character. Scavenging characters can use melee weapons or firearms against civilians, thugs, and heavily armed soldiers. Melee weapons can be used to stealthily attempt a backstab. Firearms combat incorporates a cover system to mitigate damage from return fire.

Backstabbing refers to the act of sneaking behind your unsuspecting target to cripple them with a melee attack. Opportunities are few and far between, as enemies can easily detect sprints used to close distance at range without Arica's stealth. Done strategically with the right characters, backstabs are essential to neutralizing threats with minimal risk.

From the point of game mechanics, Result Hit Prob is counted here too, but only used for calculating the amount of damage. No matter how unskilled your character is, they will always deliver a backstab, unless detected. However, the damage outcome depends on both your character's and enemy's modifiers. To calculate the backstab damage, you can use pre-calculated damage tables above, multiplying the amount damage by 2.

However, there's one more factor in play: instakill threshold. It compares your survivor's Hit Prob (not Result Hit Prob!) with a number of 1.4 and, if Hit Prob is larger, an instakill will be performed, even if by calculation the damage would be less than 100. For your convenience, below is a table which presents possible backstab damage with all kinds of weapons, and icon represents instakill. Note that in this table, columns with weapons represent the weapons your characters may wield (not enemies).

Just like with backstab, basic damage your character would inflict is multiplied by 2. However, there's one more variable in this particular equation: in the code it's called "Attack from shadow multiplier". It equals 2 and is used to increase your character's Hit Prob (not the Result Hit Prob). And after that, just like in Backstab, it is compared with instakill threshold (1.4), vastly improving the odds of an instant kill.Once again, in the table below you will find how much damage your survivors can deal to unsuspecting enemies while performing stealth ambush, and the Hatchet icon represents an instant kill.

Builds that focus nearly entirely on backstabbing enemies are a legitimate strategy in most FromSoftware titles, especially when it comes to PvP. However, in Elden Ring, players are able to escape the animation before the attack connects and the Critical Hit occurs. Whether intended or not, this change reduces the overall power of backstabbing, though it's still perfectly good in PvE. Additionally, don't attempt to Backstab large enemies, as only enemies about the size of the player (like other Tarnished, Undead, or even Man Serpents) are susceptible to this mechanic.

The backstab cape is an item that can be obtained from completing hard, elite, and master Treasure Trail clue scrolls. This item has a red particle effect appearing around the cape when wearing it.

The drop chance of the backstab cape is approximately 1/23,040 per reward spot from hard clues, and approximately 1/15,150 per reward spot from elite clues. As both hard and elite clues have an average of 5 rewards, the per-clue chance of receiving at least one backstab cape is approximately 1/4608 (0.02170%) from hard clues and approximately 1/3030 (0.03300%) from elite clues. For a more detailed breakdown of drop mechanics and calculations, see Treasure Trails/Rewards.

In Original Sin and Original Sin II, backstabbing is enabled via the Back-Stabber in Original Sin (all characters can backstab in Original Sin II) and equipping a dagger or other small blade (e.g. a rapier). Outside of combat, the attacker needs to position themself behind the target then select the option to attack; instead of a sword being displayed, a hand holding a downward pointing dagger will be shown. Backstab attacks have a 100% critical hit chance. 041b061a72


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