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Mason Campbell

Lust Harem [v0.20] [APK]

Oh, and I've been working on Harem Hotel's update roadmap which currently reaches to v0.20 (end of 2023). Some things may have to be moved around at some point, but I've created quite a big list of major features coming in the next 5 updates. Some of which include a farmable field in the garden, lust content, a usable cell phone, a strip poker minigame, training expansions, and even the next main character.

Lust Harem [v0.20] [APK]


Kudos also for the integration of real chess into an adult game. Maybe chess itself has become a fetish after Queen's Gambit. ;-) The chess games are great, probably too good to have been invented by the game author. (Also, I recognized some of the combination motifs, if not the full games, but I don't remember the original players and events.) Therefore I even watched the credits until the end, but they were not mentioned. I know there's no legal requirement because chess games aren't copyrightable in most legislations; but imho, the games quoted in NIF are true works of creativity and art, so it would only be fair to reference their authors (=original players). Can you do that in the next version, please, or in your answer here? @mrsilverlust

There's a scene where you daydream a sexy imp speaking meta and asking you questions about where you're headed in your life and in the game. Are you gonna just daydream about Mel who's long gone and obsess over porn with no drama? Or are you gonna pick a girl you have a crush on and follow thru with bravery and willpower? I get the social commentary here but what would happen if you gave up and just focused on Mel daydreams the whole game and porn? For that matter it would be nice to romance Jen and have the option to come clean about it, quit your job and tell the whole truth about what happened with you and Mel. Maybe that is not on the table because it would instantly end the game. But consider this, wouldn't that realistically be the best choice especially in a game that isn't harem and is about real choices. If that is the final chapter's choice, I get that. Fine. But I feel like some problems in the drama could be resolved by now. Especially with how accepting and caring the MC's friends are. Edit... It is even more a issue with me when I consider you only have one chance to tell Pete about Kim. After that you either sub to her or stay out of it. I didn't tell pete and Jaime because I didn't have proof and didn't know for sure if what I saw was real. The MC is an unreliable narrator after all. But once she revealed it I wanted an option to simply tell Pete or take a pic or record the conversation. Anything... On the other hand I wonder if pretending to be her ally is the only way to get proof that she is evil or at least sociopathic and selfish.

I've been accused of being boring and approaching relationships like a Disney movie character. But to me I feel like I reduce myself to a panting lowly animal if I just ignore my sexual hang-up. And act on lust, comfort zone be damned.

Everything was going really good and stable until one day all the sudden your new neighbors showed up to introduce themselves. Nothing will be as it was because they are really naughty and different people. Now you'll be able to make a big harem of the hottest babes in your neighborhood.

Power up your girls and build up your harem to fit your hottest fantasies! Get spicy private messages from the girls you meet during your adventure! Fulfill their desires and unlock the kinkiest sex scenes! Play Free Now!

Hello, so I really enjoy these types of games and I'm rather interested in getting the game. I just have two questions; Is it possible to "collect" all romancible NPCs? I don't necessarily like to do multiple runs of these kind of games & I like to build a harem for the most part. My second question is if there is a walkthrough for the game. Maybe one that helps build that harem? I saw that it was apart of some bundles and whatnot, but I don't necessarily want everything that are in the bundle, just the walkthrough.

lemme explain bro,i never came across any avn which had NTR which was justified and showed it nicely executed,in any avn when you try a girl route and follow it,it felt as love,or sometimes lust but you have to treat them nicely to be with them and in the end you have connection which is justified by a good ending.but the reason for hate for the NTR is not just because i hate sharing or another guy fucking girls,it's just because it can't be executed and shown as something that is explainable by any means,it just showcase girls as whore,sluts and as a piece of meat which just wants to be fucked not to be loved,and mostly either male mc is sore looser or female mc is born whore,and even when it is added as avoidable or optional it just destroys the avn since it can never explained on normal terms,even in real life cheating can never be justified even in the sharing it feels empty in these type of avns

The whole point of a harem avn is to showcase love between mc and li,and i know even harem isn't easily justified but at least u have choice to choose single girl route,or go for harem,and each girls story is explained character is shown and you make a love connection to them,which is opposite of NTR but i like to have connection between girl and mc shown as love,in NTR it's just antagonist using girls as slut,and they enjoying it.i m okay with just single girl route,and avn with non harem routes, but feel sad for girls whom we can't pursue and has to leave,at least there some great avns for everyone taste,not every game is single girl route, Harem route, NTR route, avoidable/optional NTR routes,but adding something else to a completely other avn just destroys it,

I will give you example of an incomplete avn underdog whose dev was trying to create a NTR avn but thought to add harem route to it, where mc will make girls his slave,but problem was mc was literal looser faggot with a tiniest dick and he is just whinning about everything and sore looser,and dev did a terrible job in trying to make it harem,since girls were basically whores u can't make them be with one guy,it was impossible to be executed,adding a different genre makes it almost impossible for an avn writer to fullfill its plot and story purpose and mostly it destroy the avn to point where it is forced to be abandoned by avn,due to hatred. 041b061a72


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