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Mason Campbell

[S1E5] Blood On Their Hands _BEST_

Quick reminder that Heart Industries has their hands in everything. From Television programs, to pharmaceuticals, to cars that drive on blood. They're basically capable of taking over the world. And kinda? It looks like they are.

[S1E5] Blood on Their Hands

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"Freedom! Freedom!" bray the liberated Hunters as they torture, hang, and headshot the FEDRA officers who ruled them with an iron fist for the last two decades. It's the near past in Kansas City, roughly 10 days before Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) barrel their way into a trap set by the renegade survivors, and the streets are painted red in fascist blood. As Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) and Perry (Jeffrey Pierce) step into their new roles as the zone's ruthless leaders, Henry (Lamar Johnson) and young Sam (Keivonn Woodard), who we learn is deaf, retreat into the depths of the city in search of shelter.

John suspects that something isn't right, he removes the blanket covering rogers body to show that he's bleeding all over, that something appears to have killed him. Brendan demands to know what's going on, John explains that one of their own were killed before the new arrivals came, and the murderer took a finger, just like with Roger, Brendan is enraged as that was kept from him, he claims that the blood is on Axel's hand, John believes that they had a right to know, despite the possibility of panic.

The newcomers have completely taken over the hospital, Brendan comes over to the cage, his group talk it over, they admit that no one is innocent as they all have blood on their hand, Brendan says that they'll have to exile all the other survivors as they don't know who the killer is. Axel initially admits to killing them, but Brendan doesn't believe him, then Mohamad admits to the killings, saying that he was angry that Vanessa was left outside, so he killed Roger, hoping to drive out the newcomers, and killed Cynthia because she was their weakest link, Brendan believes him, demanding that he put his hands in the air and come out slowly. Sam then takes the blame for Mohamad, but it doesn't work Mohamad reasons with him, explaining that they will see each other soon, then embracing each other, Mohamad tells them not to worry about him as he has survived out there before, so he can do it again, but Sam is devastated.

Susan wants to rest as she can go no longer, Vanessa asks her once again if she remembers what happened to Dylan. Susan explains that Dylan came to her door that night covered in Vanessa's blood, she was so afraid she could barely speak, she told Susan that someone broke into the apartment and killed Vanessa. Susan invited Dylan into the apartment, calling the police and Dylan's father, he said he was coming, but then the cops took Dylan away, and before she could find out what happened to Dylan, she was turned, she apologizes, but Vanessa assures her it was oaky. They then begin to her growls, and a set of glowing eyes coming their way, Vanessa and Susan run away.

Ha Eun Byeol, who is shocked at her deed, tries to rub off blood from her hands, a la Lady Macbeth. Rona wakes up briefly, before slipping into cardiac arrest. Doctors confirm that she has twin blows on her body, one on her neck and another on her head and her condition is critical. Joo Seok Hoon and Seok Kyung confirm to Dante that the necklace belongs to Ha Eun Byeol and that she wasn't present backstage at the time. Meanwhile, Seo Jin helps Ha Eun Byeol bury all the evidence. They burn her blood-soaked dress and replace the trophy in Seok Kyung's locker instead. Cheon Seo Jin chews on the SIM card too in her desperate attempt to save her daughter's life.

Tyrion Lannister has his blindfold removed and finds that their party, augmented by several knights and the sellsword Bronn from the Inn at the Crossroads, is on the Eastern Road en route to the Vale of Arryn. Catelyn had been saying that they were riding for Winterfell often and very loudly. Tyrion congratulates her on her cunning, while pointing out that his father will give out a handsome reward for his safe return, a point that clearly piques Bronn's interest. Tyrion says that Lady Lysa Arryn has gone mad since her husband's death and will try to kill him in the Eyrie. He demands his innocence be known in the attempt on Bran's life and points out he'd have to be an idiot to give the assassin his own blade. Before Catelyn can answer, the party comes under attack from one of the hill tribes. Despite taking several losses, the party is able to drive off the attackers. Though having the opportunity to escape, Tyrion fights, killing his first man in the skirmish, and in doing so, saves Catelyn's life. Afterwards, they resume their trek to the Eyrie.

Coming back to Lawrence, the MiB feels its a shame he always enjoys their time together. Lawrence wants to know what that means, and the MiB says it means, he was wrong. Taking the noose off of Lawrence's neck he tells him that the Path that brought Lawrence here wasn't for him, it was for Teddy. As Lawrence turns to look back at Teddy, the MiB draws his night and slits his throat from behind. When he falsl to the ground, the MiB puts the noose around Lawrence's feet and throws the rope over the bough of the tree, "Sorry Lawrence, guess I'll see you on the other side," he tells him, before hoisting him up, upside down to drain his blood into the empty water bag.

Teddy, tells him that whatever it is he wants from him, he isn't worth a damn to him the way he is, and closes his eyes. That, would be a shame, the MiB tells him. Because after Teddy's misadventure, Wyatt killed a Settler family. Teddy's eyes opening slowly at mention of Wyatt's name. The MiB continuing that Wyatt made off with their daughter. A girl he *thinks* Teddy knows, asking "Name of Dolores?" Teddy's eyes move to him rapidly, "They have Dolores?" he asks fresh determination filling his face. "There it is...." the MiB's lips quirk, as Teddy visibly starts to gather himself., "The magic word." Offering Teddy his hand he helps to pull him up, Teddy limping towards the horses. The MiB stops as the boy hands him the canteen of water he went to fill for him, staring at Lawrence's strung up and drained body. The MiB telling him not to worry about Lawrence, someone will be along for him shortly. The boy remaining to stare in fascination at Lawrence's bloody face as the MiB mounts up and he and Teddy ride away.

Wearing said hat, and in a shirt, trousers and boots, Dolores draws out the gun from her saddle bag and checking the chambers walks towards William, Logan and Slim. Logan admiringly noting that she's packing, Dolores telling him she doesn't aim to use the gun. The men are Union soldiers, like her father was. William assures her they won't hurt them, they'll stick to the plan. Bandana's over their faces, they hold up the Union Wagon, the soldier on board trying to tell them they've been misinformed about what's on board. Slim telling them that, as he hears it, one shot from them and they'll all go sky high. The soldier riding (literal) shot gun informing them that they should understand then why they cannot surrender it. they are sworn to protect the people of the young Republic from 'reckless half wits' like them. Logan taking personal offence, points his gun at him. Dolores intervening, pleading with the soldier to do as Logan says, not wanting to hurt them. Slim and William disarm the soldiers at the front and back, William politely directing the two at the back away from the wagon, thanking them, and handing their guns over to Dolores. Heading to the back, Logan checks on the cargo, confirming its contents, before promptly heading back to the front, and dragging down the soldier riding shot gun, to the ground for lying about the cargo. When Dolores yells at him to stop, Logan kicks the man for calling him a half wit and once more for good measure. Smirking at Dolores he turns around to kick the man again, only for the solider to tackle him to the ground. Slim moves forward towards the fight, and the wagon driver pulls a hidden gun and kills him. One of the soldiers behind William moves forward and punches him, which he takes a second to recover from, until he sees the soldier pick up one of Logan's guns and aim it at Dolores. He shoots him reflexively in the back to protect her. But then, turns and kills the second, unthreatening, unarmed man, his hands up, behind him. A second later he turns slowly on his heel and coldly shoots the soldier still grappling with Logan. Dolores pulling down her bandana stares at him in shock, Logan however is exultant at William's reactions, saying he knew he would get into the Park. Dolores disgusted by Logan, moves past the bodies of the dead men, saying to William they told the men they'd live. But he turns away in silence.

"Through a strange crazy plan they came up with, they managed to fly undetected via flying carpet, giant eagle, and floating sorcerer, over the entire warcamp, made a Metal Gear run into the center of their main barracks, threw a bucket of goblin shit into the face of the one mind flayer, after which Vax bisected it pretty much in one surprise round of attacks, lead into a large battle in the center of this building, partway through of which the ground began to rumble and then, digging forth from underneath, a bulette, a gargantuan armored burrowing creature that was hungry and very dangerous, that then made the battle that much more intense. A heavy blood-filled battle later, involved with Percy getting his hand caught and firing his gun into the gullet of the beast, eventually, it had its armor pulled apart and was defeated by the party. The remnants of the duergar army inside of this building have been destroyed aside from a few stranglers that have laid their weapons down and the general now lies beaten on his knees before the rest of the party."

Alicent follows the Faith of the Seven, a religion that deems incest (between uncles and nieces, like Daemon and Rhaenyra) and sex outside of marriage as sinful. The Faith makes an exception for Targaryens, since their practice of intermarriage is born from a desire to preserve the dragonriding bloodlines of Valyria. 041b061a72


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