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Uncensored Teens !!LINK!!

The ways teens get the news today is different than how they got it 75 years ago. Today, most teens watch the news on TV. Also, a lot of teenagers get the news from their friends. Word of mouth is also a very common way to catch up on the news. Teenagers will naturally look for the fastest way to get the news, as their time is usually limited. In truth, TV and online news is the fastest way to get access to top stories. As a result, teens usually gravitate to TV and online news sources. If I had to choose how I got the news between reading a newspaper and asking my parents, I would definitely read the newspaper.

uncensored teens

In the future, I think everyone will get their news online, on TV, or from radio. There will still be newspapers, but no one will read them. The increased efficiency and portability of online news will change our news habits, because we will most likely read the news more often. Democracy is not in danger with the abundance of news outlets because in order for a democracy to function, uncensored news must be made available. As long as the news stays uncensored and unbiased, we have nothing to worry about.

Several teens expressed positive feelings about this book, although one cautioned it was not for those looking for a happy ending. One reader thought it was great but that character felt much younger than sixteen. Another reader commended on the great pacing, and described it as equal parts heart racing and calm. He thought it would appeal to fans of the grotesque and mysteries. IT reminded one teen of Lord of the Flies. He found it engaging and it made him think about survival.

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