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Maeri Euphoria Mp3 Song 27 [WORK]

If you're treading along the lesser travelled roads of India, make sure you have this song on your playlist to keep your spirits up when you are squashed in a bus full of locals. Bonus fun if you can find a 'baba' to sing along on the trip.

Maeri Euphoria Mp3 Song 27

It's hard to leave this one of the list. Farhan Akhtar's 2001 debut film is when travel took a front seat in a Bollywood film than just as a backdrop to a scene. Dil Chahta Hai in our opinion will always remain the ultimate hindi travel song for road trips, especially if during from Mumbai to Goa through the Konkan coast, where this song was shot.

This song from Highway won everyone's heart with its catchy lyrics and music and awesome video showing an actual road-trip! Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and take a lift on the back of a truck for the best experience.

One of the best songs to bounce to, this number so aptly reverberates with the ethos of our generation, that it is impossible to not be in love with. All the more so when we have our travelling boots on! It is surely one of the best Hindi travel songs from the bygone era.

Free, fun and lively, Gujariya from Queen is one of those songs that will make your head bounce back and let you soak in the joy of the lovely beats! What's more, it celebrates your aawaarapan! Perfect road-trip song; isn't it?


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