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Iron Men

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Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell

2021.07.21 Marvel __FULL__

In this preview of New Mutants #20, a plan is hatched that seems certain to backfire in spectacular fashion. With Scout dead, No-Girl hatches a desperate plan to bring her back to life without testing the crucible. All they need to do is steal Gabby's mental backup from The Five and use the tricks taught to them by The Shadow King to reinsert it into her body. What motivation would he have to lead them astray? It is, quite possibly, the worst idea we've ever heard. And the fallout is going to be great. And bonus points for the Weekend at Bernie's reference in the solicit. New Mutants #20 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics. Check out the preview, and marvel at the stupidity of the plan, below.

2021.07.21 Marvel




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