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The Prophecy 2

  • This film provides examples of: Animal Motif: As in The Prophecy, the angels perch like birds instead of sitting down like humans, thus evoking the presence of their wings even when they are almost never shown.

  • Big Damn Heroes: Danyael crashes into Valerie's bedroom in time to save her from Gabriel.

  • Call-Back: In The Prophecy, Gabriel asks Lucifer why he didn't stay in the basement. Here, Rafayel asks the same of Gabriel.

  • Gabriel states in the previous film that he has killed newborn babies while their mothers watched. That's the plot here.

  • Dynamic Entry: Danyael and Rafayel both do the same thing, smelling out other angels who have arrived and leap into battle to fight their enemies.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: Gabriel disavows being an Omnicidal Maniac.Rafayel: (after Gabriel has snapped his spine in half) Why couldn't you stay in the basement, Gabriel?Gabriel: This is my war. YOU should have stayed out of it. The friend of my enemy, is my enemy.Rafayel: How many worlds have to burn before you're satisfied?Gabriel: Just one. This one. I'm not greedy.

  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Danyael is impaled onto a bedpost during his fight with Gabriel before breaking off the bedpost and removing it from his body.

  • Near the end, Gabriel gets impaled on a metal post in Eden. This allows Michael to render him mortal.

  • Humanity Ensues: As punishment by God and the angels for his treachery, Gabriel is turned into a human and left as a beggar by Michael.

  • Humans Are Special: Danyael certainly believes this despite mankind's many shortcomings and faults such as the destruction of the Garden of Eden. Gabriel even lampshades and mocks him for this belief by calling him a "monkey wannabe". He even sums up his desire to even be human before his death at the hands of Gabriel.Gabriel: You chose them. I want it back the way it was. You want them?!Danyael: I'd rather be one of them!

  • Imperiled in Pregnancy: Once Valerie finds out she is pregnant, she ends up being hunted down by Gabriel who wishes to kill her before her Nephilim offspring is born.

  • Interspecies Romance: Valerie/Danyael (human/angel). Despite only meeting for less than a day, Danyael manages to seduce Valerie and impregnate her by having sex only once and despite knowing little about Danyael, Valerie still chooses to name her child after him.

  • Mordor: What Eden has become. A massive sprawling industrial complex with towering, monolithic smokestacks burning away into the night sky and massive fuel reserves, where Michael and his retinue of angel loyalists dwell.Valerie Rosales: (upon arriving in Eden and catching a mind-blowing vista of Eden) THIS is Eden?Danyael: What Man has made of it.

  • Mystical Pregnancy: Due to being impregnated by an angel, Valerie ends up in her second trimester of pregnancy only two days after having sex with Danyael.

  • Naked on Revival: This film opens with Gabriel being returned (without clothes) to Earth from the pit of Hell where he was banished at the end of the first film.

  • "Not So Different" Remark: The Archangel Michael points out to Gabriel that he (Gabriel) and Lucifer have a lot in common.

  • Sacrificial Lion: Thomas Daggett, the main protagonist of the previous film, shows up here to be killed by Gabriel to establish Anyone Can Die.

  • Sky Face: An ominous one appears at the end of the film to signify that the Second War in Heaven still rages on.

  • Someone to Remember Him By: Valerie sees her child as this for her short relationship with Danyael and she decides to keep the baby despite the warnings from the Archangel Michael that she and her child will be hunted for the rest of their lives by angels if decided to keep the child.

  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Thomas. In the beginning of the film, Gabriel visits him in a monastery to get some answers about a prophecy involving the birth of the Nephilim from a specific human woman and decides to burn Thomas alive after getting no answers.

The Prophecy 2

The Jade Mountain Prophecy was a prophecy given by Moonwatcher at the end of Moon Rising and the beginning of Winter Turning, predicting the destruction of Jade Mountain unless the lost city of night could be found. It is said to be the first true NightWing prophecy in generations. The plot of the second arc revolves around the Jade Mountain Prophecy.

The Spirit of God directs this scene, because he had revealed to Simeon that death would not come until he had seen the Lord's Christ. Promise, fulfillment and God's direction stand behind the prophecy of this old saint.

Simeon's remarks are set within a hymn known as the Nunc Dimittis, from the Latin of the hymn's opening phrase. The prophecy itself is a statement of mature faith. Simeon can die in peace as you have promised and be taken by God, his Sovereign Lord (despota or Master), because my eyes have seen your salvation. There is a significant equation in this remark. To see Jesus is to see God's salvation. They are inseparable. There is joy, even in the face of death, when one has seen the source of life. Simeon's job as a sentinel for Messiah is done. The Lord can take him home. Simeon pictures a faithful servant who is at home in God's purpose and plan, even when his time is up.

None of these things have taken place. In the Book of Joel it clearly says that the prophecy that Peter cited on Pentecost will take place after these events are fulfilled. Therefore, in no sense, was the prophecy of Joel fulfilled at Pentecost or even began to be fulfilled at Pentecost. Indeed, it cannot be fulfilled until these other events take place.

There is another view that sees the fulfillment beginning at Pentecost but not completed. The entire prophecy will be fulfilled during this age and will be culminated at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The idea is that the Holy Spirit will show these signs and wonders. These miraculous events will characterize the New Covenant age. Therefore, during this present age, believers should expect to see visions and dream dreams.

Others take the opposite view. They believe the prophecy of Joel was completely fulfilled on that day. However the details were not literally fulfilled because the prophecy was meant to be understood symbolically. The fulfillment was figurative. It represented the coming of the Holy Spirit into the world. Therefore, while there was no literal fulfillment of the prediction, there was a complete fulfillment.

A third view sees a partial fulfillment at Pentecost that will continue to be fulfilled until Jesus Christ returns to the earth. In other words, the prophecy of Joel began to be fulfilled on Pentecost but will not reach its complete fulfillment until Christ returns from the earth.

The Prophecy of Seven is the main focus of The Heroes of Olympus series. It is also the first prophecy spoken by Rachel Elizabeth Dare, and is considered the next great prophecy after the completion of the first by Percy Jackson.

After the events of the Second Titan War and Kronos' defeat at the hands of Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase and the Olympians, the Great Prophecy had been fulfilled. Rachel Elizabeth Dare used Blackjack to fly to Camp Half-Blood, where she took on the spirit of the Oracle of Delphi. Shortly after the spirit settled into Rachel's body, Rachel collapsed and soon began to speak a new prophecy which would later be known as the Prophecy of Seven. While a few of the campers tried to figure out the meaning of the prophecy, Apollo said that it may not even come true in their lifetimes as the first great prophecy took almost seventy years to complete.

The Prophecy of Seven had also been known for some time by the Romans. The prophecy was kept in the Sibylline Books, a collection of prophecies that detailed every major event in Roman history. The books however were lost in a fire and only a few prophecies were saved from the flames, including the Prophecy of Seven. The prophecy was handed down through the years as the Twelfth Legion followed Western Civilization and recruited Roman demigods to the Legion for training. The Prophecy of Seven was then engraved, along with many other prophecies, on the floor of the Temple of Jupiter.

During the 1980s a demigod by the name of Michael Varus thought he could fulfill the Prophecy of Seven against the advice of the current augur. However, wanting glory, he lead the Fifth Cohort north to Alaska in hopes of finding the true meaning of the prophecy. The cohort was completely wiped out by Alcyoneus and the Twelfth Legion's Eagle was lost, bringing shame to Fifth Cohort. From then on, the prophecy lay ignored on the floor of the Temple of Jupiter for almost twenty years.

However, knowing that Gaea would soon awaken and wage war against the gods, Hera/Juno began to visit the seven mentioned in the prophecy, preparing them for the day that they would have to face it. She watched over Leo Valdez as his baby sitter for many years. She also saved Frank Zhang's life by telling his mother and grandmother about how his life was dependent on a burned log in the fire. She took Jason Grace away from his family when he was two to be trained by Lupa in order to one day make it to Camp Jupiter.

This prophecy was fulfilled immediately by King Solomon, then by a succession of kings from David's bloodline, and then ultimately by the Messiah, who also is a descendant of King David and is literally God's son.

The prophetic details of 2 Samuel 7:14 are part of a broader prophecy, found in 2 Samuel 7:12-16. In verse 16, we are told that David's throne will be established forever. So, the overall prophecy speaks of an immediate fulfillment, such as through David's son, Solomon, but then also of a long-term fulfillment. 041b061a72


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