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21. Last Chance

At the end of the entry for Dinner #20, I mentioned Nigel Slater's Tender as a major source of inspiration. Due our awfully rainy spring, most August veggies and fruits were late. We missed out on doing SR in August because I was gone for 2 weeks in the middle of it (see previous entry). This was serendipitous, as this early September Secret Restaurant was scheduled for a hot-as-Hades weekend, with peaches and figs and tomatoes in full force. To plan the menu we basically spent time reading what Mr. Slater had to say about the ingredients we hoped to work with, and chose some exciting recipes as the jump off point. Once again, major inspiration credit is due to Nigel. As a disclaimer, however, we did make a point to do something unique with each dish. We ate outside on the porch, knowing it was probably our last chance.

21. Last Chance

Scottie Scheffler has a little of both. The No. 1 player in the world already has two wins this year, the most recent two weeks ago at The Players Championship. Scheffler made his debut in the Match Play in 2021 by reaching the championship match and losing to Billy Horschel, and then he won the Match Play last year over Kisner.

Last chance to register! Late registration for the Spring 2023 season closes this Tuesday, February 21 at Midnight. All late registrants will be wait listed and assessed a $30 late fee. Follow the registration link on the Registration tab.

These non-filers may have overlooked the fact that their employer withheld income tax throughout the year, which is money the IRS owes them. Additionally, their low income may qualify them for tax credits only available by filing a tax return. Non-filers also forgo the chance to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC, by not filing.

The last time the comet was visible from Earth was when modern humans and Neanderthals coexisted, and it may not ever be seen again. The comet is not bound to our solar system, and is predicted to leave it forever unless its orbit is altered by the gravity of some unknown deep-space object to bring it back around. Even then, it could be millions of years before C/2022 E3 (ZTF) returns to Earth. 041b061a72


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