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Excel Power Pivot Power Query For Dummies Fre... [UPDATED]

  • Learn to:Extract data from databases and external files for use in Excel reporting

  • Create powerful interactive reporting mechanisms and dashboards

  • Integrate Power Query with Power Pivot to create truly robust Business Intelligence

  • The Excel guide that no serious data cruncher should live without!Want to familiarize yourself with the rich set of tools and reporting capabilities available in Excel? Look no further! Inside, you'll discover how Power Pivot and Power Query not only allow you to save time and simplify your processes, but also enable you to substantially enhance your data analysis and reporting capabilities. Rev up your reporting — fire up Power Pivot, build table relationships, and create robust pivot table reporting using multiple data sources

  • Formulate a plan — find out how to add formulas to Power Pivot reports and get the know-how to share your BI solutions with others

  • When in doubt — get the lowdown on Power Query, from choosing where to load Query results to refreshing and managing queries—and everything in between

  • Can't we all just get along? — discover how to make Queries work together, build your own Query functions, and make marvelous magic with M Query language

  • Get what you need — transform your way to better data by adding Query filters, filling in blank spaces and empty values, splitting and merging columns, and transposing and pivoting data

  • Open the book and find:How to create your own database right in Excel

  • Ways to make pivot tables that use multiple data sources

  • How to scrape websites and import hard-to-reach data with Power Query

  • Tricks to simplify and automate data cleanup and transformation

  • How to create your own powerful formulas and functions to go beyond simple data imports

Excel Power Pivot Power Query For Dummies fre...

I need to create relationships as to effectively find which cities(names of cities) in table City_map has generated how much revenue from orders table but i am only able to create relationship betweeen city Details & Orders table because it has matching order_id column and by trying to summarize city_names into power pivots to find the revenue for each city, excel is asking me to define new relationships. Please help me out on how to effectively bring all the data together from each table accurately.

I created one flow in which power automate export power bi data in excel and then it attached same file in email and send the suppliers email. Now problem is it is send email based on line items. If table has 6 line items then it is send 6 email with same attachment to same email id. Please note email id is also column in power bi. So as soon as, I add email id in send v2 email it auto add in to apply to each container. Please help to resolve this. I have already tried multiple methods but seems nothing is working. 041b061a72


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