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Who Buys Used Stereo Equipment Near Me

Get quick cash from Cashforstereos for your vintage stereo equipment in New York and New Jersey. We even travel to select areas in Pennsylvania and Connecticut. It"s as easy as saying one, two, and three. Firstly, give us a call. Unlike other stereo buyers, we...

who buys used stereo equipment near me

Selling CB/Ham equipment to is very easy. We buy cb/ham radio equipment in the NY and NJ areas. In addition, we pick up in some parts of PA and CT. People call us with old units that they find, or no longer use. While others, inherit cb/ham...

Buying old Marantz equipment is common for Cashforstereos in the New York and New Jersey areas. Also, our company travels to many parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Marantz audio equipment is quality. Vintage Marantz equipment includes receivers, power...

We buy stereo from estates. will buy stereos from estate sales in NY and NJ. We travel to Pa and Ct too. Our company buys many types of old stereo equipment. The audio equipment does not have to work. We Buy Stereo From Estates Firstly,...

We buy old stereos in the New York and New Jersey area. Cashforstereos will also travel to parts of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. We are a mom and pop business that operates in an old school manner. Call us to get immediate cash for your old stereo equipment. We...

Cashforstereos buys tube equipment in NY and NJ. In addition, we buy tube units in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Tube stereos were made in the 1960's and 1970's. Surprisingly, some companies make tube audio today. Most people don't buy tube equipment. Tube stereos...

Cashforstereos vs Marketplace, Ebay in NY or NJ area. Cashforstereos buys old stereos without the hassles of Marketplace or Ebay. We are a prompt company that pays cash for audio equipment. We buy amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, receivers and equalizers. The...

Immediate cash for old stereos is very easy. Call, who buys old stereos in the New York and New Jersey areas. In addition, we serve parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We are a no nonsense, straight forward company that helps you get rid of...

We often get amazing deals on discontinued and other types of equipment our manufacturers are looking to unload quickly. Our Pre-owned Gear page often changes with the latest used audio equipment we have taken in trade or purchased.

Welcome to Jordan's Used Stereo Equipment Collection. All products listed in this collection are used items sold "as is" and are suggested for local pick-up only. Carefully read the description of each item, as condition will vary on a product-by-product basis. All item conditions are described to the best of our knowledge, however, Jordan's Vinyl Garage is not the original owner and we do not service the items in our inventory. If we are aware of any work that has been done on a product, this information will be stated in the item description. Jordan's Vinyl Garage offers a 7-day return policy on all used stereo equipment. Within the 7-days, customers are able to exchange the product, or receive a store credit for the full amount of the product (not including shipping or delivery).

Here are a couple tips for the new website:1 - Search for "used", then sort by Newest Products to see the most recent arrivals.Pro tip: You can always go to to see this list directly.2 - When you're looking at a list of our used stuff, you can use the dropdown menu on the left side to show only specific brands.

The Used Department is stocked full of used film cameras and equipment, including beautiful Leica M rangefinders, classic Nikon SLRs, twin lens Rolleiflex masterpieces, and gorgeous Mamiya medium format systems. At the film counter in the store, the crew has well over a century of film photography experience, and they are happy to guide you to a great purchase of a new (to you) film camera.

Kalamazoo's independent, locally owned source for music and more specializes in Used and new LPs, CDs and DVDs. We also buy and sell used stereo equipment. Looking to buy Vinyl Nation screening tickets? Copy and paste this link:

Remember the neighborhood record store? The fountain beverages . . . the penny candies . . . the grilled cheese sandwiches for $1.15? Oh wait, that was the neighborhood pharmacy before a chain took it over.Anyway, we're a Connecticut record store in Vernon, conveniently located off I-84 exit 65 in the corner of the Shops at 30 plaza (home of Rein's Deli). Just take a right off the exit and turn left at the traffic light near the Red Roof Inn sign. We have new additions to our LP inventory every day because it's important to keep things fresh. We also sell used CDs and cassettes. Oh, and stereo equipment - we've got some of that as well. And just in case it isn't clear already, we buy used records, CDs, and tapes). Come on in and tell your friends! We hope to see you soon,Ian and Emily

From time to time The Audio Connection acquires used stereo components through trade-in and consignment. We will not accept just any item to sell used. We thoroughly check out every piece and decide whether or not to accept it. We are quite discriminating in this way. So, when you purchase a used component from us you can be certain it will perform well and offer very good value.

This equation has meant that a lot of new online stereo shops and dealers have popped up, and the best of them refurbish and guarantee the equipment they sell. This is particularly crucial given that the machinery that powers vintage gear, although very solidly built, can be decades old. 041b061a72


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