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How To Download ((LINK)) Ffxiv Patches With Utorrent

I also took a look at the original login and updater exes to see if I could get them working, instead of using SU (for that authentic effect). First I had to figure out the updater's version check request. This turned out easy at first and became very difficult. This updater and it's server is the same one used to update 2.0's launcher (the version check/download that happens in the grey box before the launcher appears). Using Wireshark and Fiddler I saw the HTTP GET request the program makes. The API works like this:A request is made to "/vercheck/ffxiv/win32/release/game(or boot)/". If the version is up to date, the server responds with

how to download ffxiv patches with utorrent

These are both HTTP responses. They are technically copy/pastes of some PHP code on my server. First; in the header is the patch format (ZiPatch), the protocol to download (can by HTTP or Torrent), latest version info, and some general HTTP stuff. If there is a patch, a body entity is also added, with the content location, patch length, a signature, and then either the HTTP file or Torrent file.

In 1.0, all patches were signed and the "X-Signature" gives the signature to verify the patch with. Strangely this was no longer done in 2.0. After these headers, the torrent or http file is appended. All of the patch stuff in 1.0 was done through torrents. However in 2.0 the patches are downloaded using http, and a simple file is sent, consisting of a bunch space-seperated-values including the url to download the patch at.

After a bunch of debugging and trial and error I was able to get the updater to work. To by-pass the signature issue, I found the "RSA_verify" function (part of the OpenSSL library) in ffxivboot.exe and forced it to always return 1 (return true; it's verified). Sadly there seems to be some limitations with the torrent client. I think the client will only talk to certain trackers or peers, and explains why the official updater was so slow compared to normal torrent clients. I shelved work on the updater till a later time.

It will start ffxivgame.exe with the given arguments. Now to get the official login client to work... I had to finish one of the last missing core components of the lobby server: the blowfish key generation. All of the lobby traffic is encrypted using Blowfish encryption. The client grabs the current computer time at launch and send that to the server unencrypted. Along with a phrase "Test Ticket Data" to help generate the key. It combines these two pieces of info and some other constant numbers, it then MD5 hashes this into a 128bit key for Blowfish.

However, there are common fixes that can be deployed by yourself for your platform. The following fix in this article will be sure to assist in hopefully clearing the issue for you and allowing you to download the patch without any more issues for it. 350c69d7ab


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