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Mason Campbell

Facebook Forensic Toolkit Download Extra Quality

in the next query, i will get a list of all the ip addresses that has been involved in at least one chat with one of the three people i work with most often. i have been chatting with these three people regularly for over 10 years. as such, i have seen most of their mobile phones, laptops and work desktop at least once during those years. i pick three friends i know well and regularly connect with, ria, jess and sam. first, create the query and start the process.

facebook forensic toolkit download

the resulting query looks as follows: interestingly, although i am a frequent visitor to canada, i find that i am only slightly more likely to have seen my colleagues webcam in canada than in the uk. in fact, i have not seen either of them using their work desktop webcam, which is odd given that they work on the same server. this means that my colleagues are probably not very good at using the webcam app on their ios phones and laptops. it also means that they are not sharing any of their best bits on the internet.

i can check any of these three friends and get the list of ip addresses that are the nearest neighbor to the current ip address. this is in the globaldata3 table, which lists all the ip addresses and the date/time it was obtained. the globaldata3 table has also been linked to the globaldata2 table, which contains the chatsync table with a single chat. this is the chat i was looking for. the chat table has no body_xml data, so it doesn't seem to have any images. the date for the chat shows the time at which my friend sent me the im. it is the last known im contact i had with my colleague as he eventually disconnected for the day. this table can be saved as html etc, which would allow any potential user to view the image in something other than the browser. given the above scenario, the ip addresses for my three friends may look something like this: this should not be a surprise as it would appear that i have only seen my colleague once on the desktop. if i wanted to, i can also cross-reference the globaldata3 table with the globaldata1 table to show the date/time and any body_xml data that may exist for that ip address. in this case, i'll use the globaldata1 table. the resulting screen should look like this: the next step would be to take the date information and create a query that gets the body_xml data for those ip addresses. i chose the globaldata3 table for the ip addresses and the globaldata2 table for the chatsync table. since the location/latitude/longitude is missing from my work desktop, i can't say if the table contains the exact same data, as an image of it will look somewhat different. however, it's an interesting fact that i haven't had any pictures taken using my desktop webcam since the last time i saw my colleague at work. this could also indicate that the area in which the data resides is not where my colleagues normally work.


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