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Garageband For Mac Os 10.10.5

When I try to reopen it it bounces around for a bit and then comes up with this message again. I have tried re-installing and deleting preferences, neither of which worked. I am using a MacBook Pro, 10.10.5Can anyone help me?

Garageband For Mac Os 10.10.5


dang it, we only have older macs but the one i record on has the latest version, the one my hubby mixes and masters it on is older and has can only run older version, i just went to load the song into the old mac for mixing and oh dear, it wont load the file as it is recorded on a newer version of garageband. rethink required. all his presets for plugins etc are on the old mac. Both macs struggle with the files but was tryng to avoid paying for a new mac :{ didnt even think of that when i did an update a while back.

To run Waves plugins on Mac OS Yosemite 10.10.5, use the v9.92 offline installer, activate your licenses to a USB flash drive on a supported OS (macOS 10.11 and up), then connect it to your Mac computer to load the plugins.

Trying to connect POD HD500x to Mac Mini running 10.10.5. the mac can see the POD HD500x in the system diagnostics, so I know it is connected via USB. However, I have had no luck in launching Monkey. I do the control click on it (so that I can have the mac open it even though it does not come from an approved software vendor) and just do it regular. Either way, I get no response - it never opens. 350c69d7ab


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