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Buy Money Clip Online

Travel made a comeback in 2022, and jetsetters promised to never take the ability to hit the road for granted again. This money clip, with its sleek design, is an ideal accessory for smooth style on the go in any time zone.

buy money clip online

Want a unique money clip that holds your credit cards and bills while matching your pen and multi-purpose knife (corkscrew included)? We suggest getting the Curata Pen Multi-Function Knife and Square Money Clip three-piece set. The design adds a touch of elegance to your outfit, regardless of whether you are attending a fancy dinner or shopping in a grocery store. This money clip is for you if you love the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Not to be mistaken with baby food brand Gerber, Gerber Gear is known for manufacturing life-saving, innovative outdoor gear to consumers for more than 75 years. Interestingly, the brand managed to craft a versatile money clip for on-the-go individuals. Compact and practical, the GDC money clip comes with a fixed 1.75-inch stainless steel blade knife for your outdoor excursions, with its ring acting as a secure thumb grip. This money clip can also hold bills and five credit cards for your shopping convenience.

This lightweight, silver clip embodies everything you need in a money clip. This money clip is affordable and durable and boasts a simple elegance that will make you feel proud to pull it out at any establishment. It is designed specifically to hold your cash and cards without adding extra bulk in your pockets. Durable titanium ensures the clip will last long past 2023.

Launched in 2013 by Daniel Kane and his son, Paul, The Ridge manufactures products that help make our lives more productive and streamlined. The brand has revolutionized wallets and other essentials by employing minimalist designs that do not skimp on functionality. One example is its metal wallet with a money clip. Though this money carrier is considered a wallet, The Ridge designed its metal wallet with a slender body that is small and light enough to pass as a minimal money clip. The added space is provided specifically for your credit cards and identification, but it was also engineered for more function. For those weary of pesky scammers, the metal body of this wallet and money clip was crafted to protect your cards from even the most powerful RFID chip readers.

Grainger McKoy presents to you jewelry for women, inspired by his personal gifts to his wife, as well as gifts for men, fine sterling silver pieces for the home, table & baby gifts, plus limited edition, life-sized sculptures available for purchase online. We invite you to step inside where you'll find the work of a great American Artist and Sculptor.

Handcrafted entirely in genuine leather, our super slim Money Clip Wallet is a classic addition to your collection. Designed expertly to save space without compromise, the two-fold wallet hides eight card slots, secured with a snap button and a metal clip to hold bills.

This titanium money clip from Craighill has a functional, minimalist design that's unique and stylish. It's only $35, which is an excellent entry price to money clips. Plus if you prefer a color other than bronze you can also purchase in a silver color or black.

Just like their luggage, Tumi's money clip is elegant and highly durable. Inspired by the brand's signature ballistic nylon fabric and given a silver tone finish, this clip shows off a little more character without going over-the-top.

Similar to a carbon fiber cardholder, this clip is ultra-tough and rugged in style. It's worth noting this product isn't made with real carbon fiber but only inspired by the material. Regardless, your cash isn't going anywhere in this bad boy.

For the EDC enthusiast, you'll be interested to discover this Gerber money clip also has a secret knife. It's great for those moments for an impromptu fix on the job site. It's not great if you accidentally forget you brought it to the airport.

If you are not fully satisfied with the item(s) you received, you have up to 14 days from the delivery date to submit a return request. From the CUSTOMER SERVICE page you may fill out the online form, choosing the enquiry type "Shipping & Returns".

Bulky wallets be gone. Create a slim, elegant wallet alternative your customers will be proud to carry around. Partner with the largest money clip manufacturer in the world for unlimited customization possibilities.

Our wallets are made up of full grain genuine leather that will last for a long time. The classy design and durable stitching will definitely up your style quotient and provide a safe space to store your money.

Van Scoy was the only jeweler in our area who treated my husband respectfully when he went in to inquire about my engagement ring. They took him seriously and treated him as a potential customer, not some kid who doesn't have enough money to be worthy of stepping foot in a jewelry store. The were kind to him and supported and guided him. They treated us equally well when we picked out our wedding bands. They worked with us financially and respected our choices. Christina

The last money clip you will ever need! This Carbon Fibre money clip is the most exquisite of gentlemen accessories, made from 100% genuine Carbon Fibre that is handcrafted, moulded, smoothed, laminated & polished to achieve a long lasting product.

This money clip is individually handcrafted to create a perfect combination of form and function. It features cutting edge innovation, impeccable craftsmanship and top-notch quality. The spacious compartment ensures to carry your cash and cards safely.

One of the most refined gold jewelry accessories you can own, these money clips allow you to impress with both form and function. That makes them a must-have item when you are planning an elegant night on the town with a partner, potential clients, or upper management. Contact us today to learn more about the different types of money clips we have available.

More and more professionals are turning away from bulky wallets when it comes to keeping their money secure. With sleek looks being in demand, the perfect way to replace those unwieldy wallets is with a money clip. Not just any money clip will do, however, if you are a person of taste. That is why we suggest one of the gold money clips from our online jewelry store.

Take your love of golf and Jack Nicklaus with you wherever you go with this Nicklaus Golden Bear Money Clip. Black/brass metal Jack Nicklaus money clip features the Golden Bear logo and comes gift boxed. 041b061a72


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