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Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu Episode 18

why would manga reader hate this ? it's incredible, i mean, i don't read the manga, but madhouse has done a good job in adapting kiseijuu. it's like hxh, they never cease of being amazingly consistent, a weak kiseijuu episode is a strong episode compared to many other anime

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 18

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Never read the manga (though I intend to do so) but every single episode of Kiseijuu has been a blast. Tamura's fate was obvious but still poignant to witness. It's a shame she had to die because her extremely interesting observations were cut short. Now who can resume the work she began? Probably no one around.Also the last part of the episode is really tense, if Migi's presence is revealed he and Shinichi will be detained for further research, and even if they manage to escape the cops will never stop pursuing them. Talk about a pinch. Notice how at the end of the ending Shinichi has now current hairstyle?

Been a while since I had the feels train hit me this hard. Tamura Reiko was a memorable character and I almost lost it when Shinichi found his tears. This is one of the best episodes. It not only delivered on the emotions but the reappearance of the serial killer and the scenes with him was tense and entertaining. 041b061a72


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