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Sensory and/or motor dysfunction in the distribution of the ulnar nerve can result from incomplete release of the ulnar nerve or kinking of the nerve with anterior transposition. Because of residual compression on the ulnar nerve or the creation of a new compression point with the transposition, patients may complain of continued postoperative symptoms or recurrent symptoms in the sensory distribution of the ulnar nerve. Filippi et al. [7] reported on 22 patients after reoperation for ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow and found that the cause of continued or recurrent symptoms was perineurial fibrosis, adhesion of the ulnar nerve to the medial epicondyle and incomplete excision of the medial intermuscular septum. Similarly, we found that the intermuscular septum was not excised and present in 39 cases. Gabel and Amadio [8] reported that the ulnar nerve was reportedly compressed at several levels at the primary surgery and recommended all compressive sites must be released for successful patient outcome.

Operation Warcade VR Download For Pc Compressed

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